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Tronwind Medical Chairs is a leading supplier of medical chairs who is located in Southern China. We provide a comprehensive range of chairs and stools which are essential for any doctors, dentists, nurses, technicians, patients and office workers to perform effectively and comfortably. Our main products are doctor stools, nurse stools, saddle stools, laboratory chairs, beauty chairs, podiatry chairs, treatment chairs and office furniture with full range.

We try our best to stay on top of the industry, provide exceptional value and high quality products. Our ergonomically designed chairs, reduces back and shoulder fatigue, especially for doctors, patients and operators, who have to sit for long periods, or in specific positions. Our chairs are typically used in all therapy areas, such as Hospital, Clinic, Theater, Maternity, Dentistry, Laboratories, Beauty Salon, Massage Center and many more clinical departments, throughout hospitals from all over the world.

We are seeking partnerships and distributors to promote & sell our range of chairs. Therefore, traders, distributors are welcome. Also we do OEM for customers.

Tronwind is committed to giving you great product selection, good prices, and world class customer service!

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