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28Jul 2018
Tronwind Endodontic Chair Dental Stools with Armrest in dentistry clinic

The brand new Tronwind’s dental microscope chairs arrrive the new dentistry clinic. The featured Foot-Controlled height adjustment will help the dentists and endodontists to improve their working efficiency, and the ergonomic seats will provide the best comfort to dentists and endodontists while they are working. Below is the microscope chair’s Full-Adjustments introduction. To learn more […]

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04Jul 2018
Motorized Beauty Couches Medical Couches customized 20180704

The high-class Tronwind 4 motors electric beauty couch contains a motorised backrest and leg rest section along with a motorised height adjusting. This intelligent beauty couch was designed to provide the highest level of comfort to your clients. The beauty couch is made by using a single pedestal lift system to supply clean lines. The […]

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17May 2018

Tronwind Saddle Chairs TS01 were ready. They are on the way to Europe. The saddle chair has extreme modern styling with a polished and stable star base and cylinder, with an ergonomically designed seat, with the ability to adjust the angle of the seat which provide you the best sitting posture. Click to learn more […]

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23Mar 2018

Tronwind TEP01 Electric Facial Bed is the ideal resolution for every beauty parlor or beauty spa offering facial, waxing, or therapeutic massage services! This electrical spa bed characteristics 4 motors to manage the facial bed‘s height, foot rest, back rest, and seat slope, with easy to use buttons located on the side controller. The headrest […]

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16Mar 2018

Talking about the dental stool or dentist chair, it is a crucial item of furniture in the dentist office. Since it probably be used day by day, it must be comfy, ergonomic, adjustable and long lasting. As the seats, backrest and other components may differ in style and design, the chair or stool should give […]

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25Jan 2018

We are shipping the dental doctor stools and assistant stools to our distributors in Europe. Tronwind supply the best quality and decent price medical stools to all over the world. Welcome to contact us! email: Whatsapp: +8613902818699 Contact Us

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24Jan 2018
TRONWIND Electric beauty couch TEP04-1

La empresa Tronwind Medical Chairs es un fabricante de China que ofrece muebles médicos de alta calidad y muebles de salón de belleza a precios competitivos. La cama de belleza motorizada Tronwind TEP03 con 4 motores eléctricos, que ofrece buenos ajustes eléctricos diferentes. Es perfecto para tratamientos cosméticos, masajes terapéuticos y tratamientos faciales de belleza. […]

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17Jan 2018

En Tronwind Medical Chairs, sabemos encontrar los mejores muebles de belleza para los compradores y los fisioterapeutas. Lo importante es comprar los mejores dispositivos que se relacionen estrechamente con los planes de tratamiento, y los fisioterapeutas trabajarán con facilidad. permite una mejor experiencia de terapia para el fisioterapeuta y el cliente. Investigue todo lo que […]

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12Jan 2018
Tronwind Medical Chairs-Microscope Chair TM01-1

Tronwind’s new specialized dental microscope chair TM01 was made with all the ergonomic technology, which guaranteed movements and postures can relieve discomfort and recover purpose. The convex, versatile back rest strongly supports the healthy lumbar shape, even just in a comfortable posture. The two armrests are specialized for telescopic, for people who prefer much more […]

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09Jan 2018
Tronwind Doctor Stool TD02

Mientras que en la industria dental, se pasan mucho tiempo durante la consulta sentados cerca de sus clientes. Pasar ese tiempo dentro de los asientos incorrectos podría causar una buena mala postura, finalmente causando presión muscular, que a menudo empeora en lesiones accidentales críticas como problemas óseos y articulares. Además de por problemas en el […]

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