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Tronwind’s new specialized dental microscope chair TM01 was made with all the ergonomic technology, which guaranteed movements and postures can relieve discomfort and recover purpose.

The convex, versatile back rest strongly supports the healthy lumbar shape, even just in a comfortable posture.

The two armrests are specialized for telescopic, for people who prefer much more lower arm support, and padded, for more shoulder support.

An adjustable front seat reduces your legs to beneath the body, switching weight from the backbone in to legs.

The leading edge of the seat then adjusts to the positon of the legs angel, easily helping the legs and keep movement.

The high quality upholstery with best leather-based protect is long lasting and quickly cleaned.

Probably the most significant function of Tronwind microscope chair is the elevation adjusting system. Foot control and hand control height adjustment are workable at the time for this microscope chair. You can adjust the seat by foot.

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