Motorized Beauty Couches Medical Couches customized 20180704

The high-class Tronwind 4 motors electric beauty couch contains a motorised backrest and leg rest section along with a motorised height adjusting. This intelligent beauty couch was designed to provide the highest level of comfort to your clients.
The beauty couch is made by using a single pedestal lift system to supply clean lines. The functional Tronwind beauty couch includes an arm rest which will efficiently adjusts to the couches posture, that means you can use it with the back segment raised or when flat. In addition to this, the couch features a removable head support which seamlessly covers the built-in face hole that means it could be used for multiple treatment options.

The best high quality, quite well highly valued, Tronwind motorized couch offers your client with the greatest comfort during their favored treatment with magnificent white upholstery.

If you need customized medical couches, beauty couches, pleases contact us. OEM, ODM are welcome.

We can make the electric couches as you requested. (MOQ is requested)

tronwind Customized Medical Couch 1

Tronwind Treatment Bed TEP08-1

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