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  • Electric Beauty Couch TEP06 Wholesale Supply, Facial Chair, Treatment Couch-Tronwind Medical Chairs
  • Electric Beauty Couches Wholesale Supply, Facial Chairs, Treatment Couch TEP06-Tronwind Medical Chairs-1
  • Electric Beauty Couch TEP06, Treatment Chair, Treatment Couch Wholesale-Tronwind Medical Chairs
  • Electric Beauty Couch TEP06, Beauty Beds, Treatment Couches Supply-Tronwind Medical Chairs

Beauty Couch TEP06

4 Motors Treatment Couch / Spa Couch

Electric Beauty Couch / Facial Bed / Treatment Chair


The Tronwind electric beauty couch can do it all! Ideal for all beauty treatments,facial treatment,massage treatment, Tronwind treatment table can go from a chair – great for face treatments and makeup to a flat table suitable for massage, facials and advanced beauty treatments. The 4 motors make the table able to adjust in all directions including upright, flat and tilt. This beauty couch TEP06 allows your clients to be comfortable while receiving the ultimate indulgence or relaxation treatment.

Electric Beauty Couch,Facial Bed, Treatment Couch TEP06-Tronwind Medical Chairs

4 Motors & 4 Adjustments Beauty Couch

  • Backrest adjustment
  • Leg rest adjustment
  • Height adjustment
  • Tilt adjustment

Cooperation & Sales

  • Customization available (for large quantity)
  • Long-term stable and large quantity supply available
  • Welcome all importers, dealers, distributors and traders to cooperate with us
  • Email: sales@tronwind.com

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