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Foot-Operated Surgeon Chair TM04

Microscope Chair / Dental Operator Stool

Foot-Operated Surgeon Chair, Dental Operator Stool, Microscope Chair


Tronwind’s Foot-Operated Surgeon Chair TM04 with foot operated pneumatic height control to allow hands free adjustment of the seat height for surgeon, dentist and other medical practitioners. The stools have a ergonomic seating system with high-tech designed 3-layers seat structure that mold to the best shape of body. The ergonomic seat keep you supported and body-conformed. The contoured lumber backrest features height & tilt adjustment with pivot hinge to provide free float tilting for lumbar comfort. This foot-operated surgeon chair TM04 is ideal for surgery, anesthesiology, ENT, dentistry, laboratory and other medical fields. Welcome all users, distributors, traders and importers to cooperate with us.

  • Foot-Operated height adjustment
  • Ergonomic seating solution
  • Fully adjustable armrests

Ergonomic Surgeon Chair Microscope Chair with Arms Microsurgery Chairs Good Price-TM04-Tronwind Medical ChairsBest Surgeon Chair with Foot-Control, Microscope Chair-TM04-Tronwind Medical Chairs

Ergonomic Dynamic Seat System

3-Layers Ergonomic Dynamic Seat of Surgeon Chairs-Tronwind Medical Chairs

  • Upper layer is made of high rebound foam that ensures your comfort
  • Middle layer is an elastic sub-plate that forms the body support
  • Lower layer is an elastic holder that supports forceful movement on seat

Armrest, Backrest & Seat Adjustment of TM04

Full adjustable armrests assist you in working efficiently and comfortably

  • Armrest rotating
  • Armrest height adjustment
  • Armrest support rotating
  • Seat tilt adjustment
  • Backrest tilt adjustment
  • Backrest height adjustment

Foot-Operated Height Adjustment

Featured design: 2-ways controlled height adjustment (Foot control & Hand control)

  • Foot-operated seat height adjustment
  • Hand-control seat height adjustment

Optional Footrest (additional cost)

Surgeon Chair with Footrest & Foot Control-TM04-Tronwind Medical Chairs

Gas LiftSpecial design, 140mm travel distanceBaseΦ560mm Aluminium alloy
CastorΦ50mm High quality PUN.W.22 kg
UpholsteryHigh density PU foamCoverUltraLeather


  • Step-less Two-Way adjustment, allows vertical alignment for proper lumbar support and dynamic horizontal adjustment
  • Tilt adjustable, control/lock by lever switch underneath the seating

Seat (Upholstery)

  • Ergonomic Dynamic Seat System
  • High Antimicrobial / bacterial & mildew resistance
  • Superior abrasion resistance


  • Polished aluminum alloy. Luxury and Durable

Foot-Control Pedal

  • Polished aluminum alloy. Luxury and Durable

  • Packing: Carton box, 60×60×43cm, weight 23kg
  • Minimum order quantity: 1 unit
  • Ship by sea, by air, by train
  • Worldwide shipping

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Cooperation & Sales

  • Long-term stable and large quantity supply available
  • Welcome all importers, dealers, distributors and traders to cooperate with us
  • Email: sales@tronwind.com

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