• Massage Bed TAE01, Treatment Couch, Exam Bed Wholesale Supply-Tronwind Medical Chairs-Featured Image
  • Massage Bed, Exam Bed, Treatment Couch, Medical Couch TAE01 Wholesale-Tronwind Medical Chairs
  • Exam Bed, Medical Couch, Treatment Couch, Massage Bed TAE01 Wholesale -Tronwind Medical Chairs
  • Exam Bed TAE01, Treatment Couch, Massage Bed, Medical Couches Wholesale-Tronwind Medical Chairs
  • Massage Bed TAE01, Treatment Couch, Exam Bed Wholesale Supply-Tronwind Medical Chairs

Massage Bed TAE01

Exam Bed / Treatment Couch


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Long-term stable cooperation and large quantity supply available.

Electric Massage Bed / Exam Bed / Treatment Couch


Tronwind adjustable massage bed treatment bed TAE01 has a unique design with unlimited positioning combination which will give you the best comfort to have massage treatment. This is luxury massage bed with ultra luxurious breathable fabric which is very easy to clean and maintain. Stylish hand held remote control. Tronwind 2-section massage bed TAE01 has high stability, with the painted stainless steel base. 20 colors cover leather for selection. This treatment bed is perfect for beauty, facial treatment, medical use, therapy treatment, massage spa. Long-term stable and large quantity supply available, welcome to contact us.

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Massage Bed, Treatment Couch, Exam Bed TAE01-Tronwind Medical Chairs

2 Motors & 2 Adjustments

  • Backrest adjustment (motorized)
  • Height adjustment (motorized)

Cooperation & Sales

  • Customization available
  • Long-term stable and large quantity supply available
  • Welcome all importers, dealers, distributors and traders to cooperate with us
  • Email: sales@tronwind.com

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