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Saddle Stool with Backrest TS01

Dental Stool / Ergonomic Chair


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Saddle Stool with Backrest / Dental Stool / Ergonomic Chair


TROWNIND’s Saddle Stool with Backrest TS01 is the new design saddle stool, which is designed according to men’s sitting posture and body shape. This saddle stool with ergonomic backrest support which can be angled in & out plus up & down. It enables the user to have the added security of a back support while seated, this back feature can be all adjusted while sitting on. This is a very comfortable saddle-shaped rolling stool with adjustable height controls and tilt angle controls. The PU soft leather padding allows the user to sit comfortably while seating and the saddle design reduces pressure on the legs and encourages proper body posture.


  • Seat angle tilt’s and can be locked in any position
  • Back angle can be altered and locked in any position
  • Improved posture
  • Prevention of musculoskeletal disorder
  • Saddle seat design for extra comfort on your back and spine

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4 Adjustments of Saddle Stool

  • Backrest height adjustment
  • Backrest tilt adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Seat tilt adjustment

PU Leather Colours B Series-Tronwind Medical Chairs

If you need other colours, please inquire us.

Gas Lift140mm travel distanceBaseΦ560mm Aluminium alloy
CastorΦ50mm High quality PUN.W.11 kg
UpholsteryHigh density PU foamCover LeatherPU

Saddle Seat (Upholstery)

  • Saddle seat help to reduce the risk of spinal strain, strengthen respiratory system and body shape
  • High density foam, which ensures shape of the seating stay unchanged for long term usage
  • High Antimicrobial / bacterial & mildew resistance
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Ergonomic designed seat
  • Tilt adjustable

Curve shape


  • PU leather
  • Tilt adjustable
  • Stepless Two-Way adjustment, allows vertical alignment for proper lumbar support and dynamic horizontal adjustment

  • Packing: Carton box
  • Ship by sea, by air, by train
  • Worldwide shipping

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