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Split Saddle Stool TL11

Two-Part Saddle Seat / Divided Saddle Chair


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Split Saddle Stool / Two-Parts Saddle Seat /  Divided Saddle Chair


Tronwind’s Split Saddle Stool TL11 is made with hard-wearing chemical resistant polyurethane and promotes positive posture. It will prevent static electricity build up by dissipating it through the earth. The saddle seat can be forward angled, which helps keep the pelvis tilted forwards and the back in an upright position. This Ergonomic Split Saddle Stool has a riding-like position is designed to promote better posture and to encourage active sitting, thanks to the curved seat pad design. The 2 lever mechanism operation provides independent adjustment for the seat height and tilt. This divided saddle seat chair is suitable for dental clinics, hospitals, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, laboratories, home use and industrial use.


  • Two part Saddle Seat is black polyurethane with a groove
  • Split saddle seat provides greater air flow for improved genital health
  • Naturally provides ergonomic hip abduction
  • Tilting seat strengthens spinal, core, pelvic, and leg muscles

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2 Adjustments Split Saddle Stool

  • Seat height adjustment
  • Seat tilt adjustment

SeatL34cm×W44cmBaseΦ56cm Nylon / Aluminium
Gas Lift140mm travel distanceCastorSoft Polyurethane Wheel

Split Saddle Seat

  • Saddle seat help to reduce the risk of spinal strain, strengthen respiratory system and body shape
  • Height adjustable saddle seat
  • Saddle seat tilt angle adjustable
  • ESD saddle seat. Material: Polyurethane. Only color black.
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Oil & waterproof upholstery
  • For professionals and for at home use

  • Packing: Carton box 57×57×30cm
  • Ship by sea, by air, by train
  • Worldwide shipping

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