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Surgeon Stool Foot-Operated TMB09

Surgical Chair for Veterinary/Ophthalmology

Surgeon Stool Foot-Operated, Surgical Chair for Veterinary


The TRONWIND surgeon stool foot-operated has gas assisted foot controls for hands-free height adjustment. This surgical stool is anatomically designed with a ergonomic invisible saddle seat to give you hours of comfort when performing delicate ophthalmic procedures. It was specially developed to meet the requirements of microsurgery, surgery, microscope use, ophthalmic procedures. Specially designed for surgical applications, the three-dimensionally adjustable armrests for precise arm positioning and shoulder and arm relief when working for many hours. Ergonomically shaped seat and back sections support comfort and at the same time ensure a correct, healthy sitting position. The Tronwind surgeon stool foot-operated is an indispensable component of your operating room, veterinary clinic, dentistry clinic, ophthalmology clinic. Welcome all medical practitioners, importers, traders to cooperate with us.

  • Foot control ring for hands-free height adjustment
  • Hand levers for height adjustment & back tilt
  • Strong & stable stylish circle alloy base

Surgeon Stool Foot-Operated TMB09 Hot Sale-Tronwind Medical ChairsSurgical Chair for Ophthalmology TMB09 Supplied by Tronwind Medical Chairs

Ergonomic Dynamic Seat System

3-Layers Ergonomic Dynamic Seat of Surgeon Chairs-Tronwind Medical Chairs

  • Upper layer is made of high rebound foam that ensures your comfort
  • Middle layer is an elastic sub-plate that forms the body support
  • Lower layer is an elastic holder that supports forceful movement on seat

Armrest, Backrest & Seat Adjustments of Surgeon Stool

Full adjustable armrests assist you in working efficiently and comfortably

  • Armrest pad rotating
  • Armrest height adjustment
  • Armrest support rotating
  • Backrest tilt adjustment
  • Backrest height adjustment

Foot-Control Height Adjustment

Featured design: 2-ways controlled height adjustment (Foot control & Hand control)

  • Foot-control seat height adjustment
  • Hand-control seat height adjustment


Microfiber Leather Colours B Series-Tronwind Medical ChairsIf you need other colours, please inquire us.

Gas Lift140mm travel distanceBaseΦ480mm Aluminium alloy
CastorΦ60mm Medical Silent CastorN.W.19 kg
UpholsteryHigh density PU foamCoverMicrofiber Leather

Seat (Upholstery)

  • Ergonomic design
  • High density foam, which ensures shape of the seating stay unchanged for long term usage
  • High Antimicrobial / bacterial & mildew resistance
  • Microfiber Leather / Ultra Leather


  • Step-less Two-Way adjustment, allows vertical alignment for proper lumbar support and dynamic horizontal adjustment
  • Tilt adjustable, control/lock by lever switch underneath the seating

  • Packing: Carton box, 60×60×40cm
  • Minimum order quantity: 1 unit
  • Ship by sea, by air, by train
  • Worldwide shipping

Dental Stools Medical Stools Supplier-TRONWIND

Cooperation & Sales

  • Long-term stable and large quantity supply available
  • Welcome all importers, dealers, distributors and traders to cooperate with us
  • Email: sales@tronwind.com

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