Surgeon Chairs / Microscope Chairs

Dental Microscope Chair TM01

Foot-Operated Surgeon Stool / Endodontic Chair

Surgeon Chair TM02

Foot-Operated Surgeon Stool / Dental Operator Stool

Foot-Operated Surgeon Stool TM03

Surgeon Operating Chair / Dental Stool

Foot-Operated Surgeon Chair TM04

Microscope Chair / Dental Operator Stool

Surgeon Chair with Arms TM01A

Microsurgeon Chair / Dental Operator Stool

Dental Operator Stool with Armrests TM02A

Ergonomic Surgeon Stool / Ophthalmic Chair

Microsurgery Chair TM03A

Surgeon Operating Chair / Endodontic Stool

Ophthalmic Surgeon Chair TM04A

Microscope Chair / Dental Lab Chair

Surgeon Chair with Footrest TM05

Microscope Chair / Dentist Stool

Dentist Stool with Armrest TM06

Dental Operator Chair / Microscope Chair

Microscope Chair with Armrests TM07

Chair for Laboratory / Surgical Stool

Operating Stool TM08

Surgical Stool / Microsurgery Chair

Microsurgical Chair TM09

Microscope Chair with Foot Pedestal

Surgical Chair with Armrest TM10

Ophthalmic Surgeon Chair with Footrest

Surgeon Operating Chair TM11

Dental Microscope Chair / Operator Stool

Dental Chair with Armrests TMB07

Surgeon Chair / Dental Stool

Ergonomic Microscope Chair TMB01

Surgeon Chair / Dental Stool

Operating Chair TMB02

Surgeon Stool with Armrests / Dental Stool

Microsurgical Stool TMB03

Dental Operator Chair / Doctor Stool

Lab Chair with Arms TMB04

Endodontics Stool / Surgeon Chair

Surgeon Micro Chair TMB05

Surgeon Stool / Operating Chair

Surgeon Stool Foot-Operated TMB09

Surgical Chair for Veterinary/Ophthalmology