TRONWIND TRA02 is a new style and hot sale podiatry chairs, surpassing other models in terms of features, style and accessibility. TRONWIND TRA02 motorized podiatry chair comes standard with 120 degree swivel seats, unique stand for split legs, remote control for backrest, seat and legrests. The podiatry treatment chair TRA02 is specially designed for the comfort of pediatricians and patients alike and is comfortable for both routine visits and long procedures.

Using the adjustable height of the TRONWIND seat, operators can lower the seat to 61cm. The numerous modifications created by the chair, including the split foot controls, provide excellent visibility in the surgical field. Includes a wide range of power positions. The chair is able to be adjusted completely flat in the table position.

There are more than 20 colors for the upholstery. 5 motors or 3 motors versions are available. Our podiatry chairs and beauty beds have been satisfied all our customer from all over the world. If you need podiatry chairs and in the business of podiatry treatment chairs, why not contact us to get the dealer prices?

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