Tronwind saddle chair

Comparing with the traditional seat, “The Saddle Style Posture” is the most close to human standing posture. The biggest advantage is to reduce the risk of Spinal Strain (including strain of cervical vertebra and lumbar).

The saddle seat makes the angle between buttocks and knee increase to 135°. To reduce the pressure of the tendon, the muscle and keep-joint is more relaxed. To promote blood circulation, avoid affecting the sciatic nerve function. The saddle chair can improve the problems of slipped discs, strain of lumbar muscles, shoulder joint pain, knee pain and back pain which common happen for the sedentary work.

Curve shape

The saddle seat can help the body and thigh to keep a right angle. It is good for the intestinal activity (Peristalsis and Digestion). A good stiing posture can strengthen the respiratory system, effectively improve the oxygen intake, and then you will not get tired so easily. The Saddle Chair also help to body shape, correct the human curvature and keep the perfect curve.

When you sitting on the foot controlled saddle chair, you can adjust the seat height by foot easily. Instead of hand adjustment and effectively prevent the cross infection. It is great help to improve the efficiency of work and study at the same time.

New style saddle chair TS01


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